Pediatric Palliative Care is here to advocate for your child’s needs.

Ellie was born with a brain stem deformity and microcephaly, which rendered her unable to develop as a normal baby would. Immediately after she was born, Ellie was placed in the care of the Department of Children and Families.

Despite her challenging start in life, Ellie was lucky to be taken in by a family who already had experience in caring for children with special needs. She moved in almost immediately after being born and was officially adopted by her foster family before she turned one year old. Her new environment is filled with love and support. Her parents are able to advocate for her needs and her three siblings fight to play and spend time with her.

Ellie’s mom contacted Pediatric Palliative Care through HospiceCare in The Berkshires to inquire about music therapy for Ellie. Since then, the family has found help through several PPC offerings:

 • Art & Music Therapy for Ellie and siblings
 • Spiritual Counseling & support through their home church community
 • Social Work & Nursing expertise
 • Trained volunteer childcare to provide parents with a respite to run errands, get work done around the house, and take a well-deserved break
 • Bereavement through art therapy following the death of a family member
 • A dedicated team of advocates fighting for Ellie and her family

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