Remembrance Ceremony

Join HospiceCare in The Berkshires as we celebrate the memory of those who have been part of our lives.

Living with Loss: 8-Week Support Group Thursdays • 6:00 – 7:00 PM

HospiceCare in The Berkshires is offering an eight-week support group for anyone who has experienced a loss.

New to Grief: What to Expect 4th Wednesday of the Month

Losing a loved one can be difficult, especially during the first few months. Join HospiceCare in The Berkshires and get the support you need.

Living After Loss 2nd Wednesday of the Month

Drop-in Grief Support Group

Loss of a Spouse/Partner Support Group

HospiceCare in the Berkshires is offering a drop-in support group for anyone who’s experienced the loss of a partner.