Support for the Whole Family through Pediatric Palliative Care Program

Kaydance was placed in the care of the Department of Children and Families after spending 6 months in the hospital. She suffered from seizures and subdural hematomas. It was clear that she would require substantial care going forward.

Through DCF, Kaydance was placed with Danielle and Patrick as a respite family. Within a year, she was officially adopted by them. The upcoming challenges to surmount were numerous. Home adaptation, special equipment, home help and school support were only a few of the hurdles that needed to be overcome – in addition to the funds needed to accommodate her needs as a child with a complex medical diagnosis. Through a VNA Nurse, the Shaw family was introduced to Pediatric Palliative Care through HospiceCare in The Berkshires.

Through PPC, Kaydance & her family receive:

 • Valuable resources that provide them with the ability to care
for a child with a complex medical diagnosis
• Connections to the Catastrophic Illness Fund
• Art Therapy for Kaydance & her sister
• Spiritual Counseling
• Music Therapy
• Massage Therapy in conjunction with Physical Therapy
• Assistance with receiving skilled nursing care and Personal Care Assistant hours
• A dedicated team of advocates fighting for Kaydance and her family

“After we adopted Kaydance, all subsidies stopped from DCF and I pretty much had to find the resources on my own. No one really helped us until we were contacted by the Pediatric Palliative Care program through HospiceCare in The Berkshires.” – Danielle S. Mother of a PPC Patient

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