Pediatric Palliative Care Program helps families through the hard times.

Fifteen-year-old Cam is a true survivor and warrior. In 2016,
he was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia – he also has autism. His mother, Cristen, maintains a blog (Cameron the Leukemia Warrior) to document and educate others on their journey. PPC Coordinator June Green learned about this family through the blog and reached out three Christmases ago to offer gifts through the Caring for Children program. Cristen gratefully accepted the gifts, and then signed Cam into PPC.

Cristen has worked closely with the entire team to discuss her questions, concerns, and prepare for doctor’s appointments. A member of the PPC team keeps in contact with Cam’s providers to assist in care coordination. Cristen is grateful for the support saying,“I enjoy the opportunity to talk to a nurse about day-to-day challenges and concerns. The PPC team has helped us physically, emotionally, and financially.”

The Pediatric Palliative Care program offers Cam & Cristen:

 • Community support with help from the Social Work team
• Resources to find summer camps and receive a handicap car sticker
 • Care services to provide Cristen a respite from 24/7 caregiving
 • Emotional support & encouragement
 • Massage therapy – Cam has formed an incredible bond with Massage Therapist Bob Sykes
 • A dedicated team of advocates fighting for Cam and his family

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